Fishing is one of the oldest activities known to Man.
Since pre-historic times the populations have searched the sea and the rivers to obtain food.
Nowadays, besides that survival function, fishing is a ludic activity which involves millions of people all around the world, as a simple leisure activity or as a competition sport.

Those who pursue this activity deserve the best. They deserve SYNERGY!


SYNERGY’s goal is to become an inseparable partner for all fishermen, by providing innovation, competitiveness, rigor, confidence and quality.
We are always focused on research and technological development of new products so as to provide more and more complete solutions in groundbait, fish bait and additives.


SYNERGY’s bait is a new product with high standards in quality, conservation and balanced performance.

It includes two other revolutionary technologies, Fluorescent™ and Xplosive Particles™, which, together with our innovative bait makes us unique and different from all the rest!


SYNERGY groundbaits present a unique texture, rigorously controlled in the fabrication process.
There are several colors and granulometries, with a wide variety of odors, according to the fisherman’s needs and the fishing conditions.
The main characteristic is the spongeous texture, very easy to handle, allowing for a quick baiting process and keeping the fish in the fishing zone for a longer period of time.
The fact that it includes cooked cereals in its composition allows a diversity of applications, with guaranteed results.

With SYNERGY, the groundbaits quality is born with it!